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Friday, October 19, 2018

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Working with The Exchange Connection to conduct a 1031 exchange (Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Tax Code sometimes called a Starker Exchange) brings peace of mind, security, and financial benefit. The Exchange Connection leads the Like Kind Exchange Industry by providing education, information and services to industry professionals and consumers, alike. Real Estate Agents, Title Companies, Tax Preparers and Accounting Firms rely on the experts at The Exchange Connection to provide accurate, current 1031 Exchange advice for their clients. Most importantly, The Exchange Connection provides unparalleled customer service to taxpayers across the country who need the advantages of a 1031 Exchange in often complex situations.

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Corporate Strengths

  • Incomparable knowledge and experience
  • Over 15 years experience in Section 1031 Tax Law
  • Owned and operated by an attorney and accountant
  • In-depth understanding of the tax code and Section 1031
  • Well-connected to a network of industry professionals


Meet Our Officers:

B. Craig Gourley, Esq.
Our President, B. Craig Gourley, has been practicing Real Estate and business Law for 19 years.

Shari A. Wulf, CEO
Our CEO, Shari Wulf, brings her financial and audit expertise to the 1031 Exchange process.

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