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Friday, October 19, 2018

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The success or failure of your 1031 exchange depends on the expertise and documentation prepared by the qualified intermediary. A section 1031 exchange is a complex legal and tax based transaction requiring skill and expertise. The Exchange Connection reviews every level of the documentation - purchase and sale agreements, escrow instructions, settlement statements - to spot potential pitfalls and errors that could cause future problems. We treat each exchange with the devotion and professional attention that it deserves.

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Experience and Expertise Matter: Working with The Exchange Connection to conduct a 1031 exchange (Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Tax Code sometimes called a Starker Exchange) brings peace of mind, security, and financial benefit. We lead the Like Kind Exchange Industry by providing education, information and services to industry professionals and consumers, alike. Real Estate Agents, Title Companies, Tax Preparers and Accounting Firms rely on our experts to provide accurate, current advice for their clients. Most importantly, we provide unparalleled customer service to taxpayers across the country who need the advantages of a tax-deferred real estate exchange in often complex situations.

You have questions. Get your 1031 exchange answers to these important questions:
To qualify, do I have to find someone with whom I must swap properties?
What is a "like-kind" property?
What is the advantage in replacing my existing property with a "like-kind" property, and what happens if I can't find such a property?
Can I trade a single property for multiple properties or vice versa?
Can I trade my property for a partial interest in a different property and vise versa?
Do I need to re-invest all the cash that comes from the sale of my Relinquished Property or can I keep some?
Does the sale of my "Relinquished" property have to close simultaneously with the purchase of my "Replacement" property?
What happens if I need to buy my Replacement property before my Relinquished property sells?
Can I swap property between states?
Can I trade a foreign property for a domestic property, or vice-versa?
I have property in Puerto Rico. How does Section 1031 define "United States"?
Is Real Estate the only asset I can switch under Section 1031?
Are there any types of assets specifically excluded in Section 1031?
What disadvantages should I be aware of when engaging in a tax deferred swap?
Is there a difference in qualified intermediaries?