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Friday, October 19, 2018

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Featured Client: William Harnecker

William Harnecker understand the benefits of 1031 exchanges from years of real estate investment. This is what William has to say about his experience with The Exchange Connection:

"I have been in the real estate investment business since the 1970's and have been using 1031 exchanges as a tax planning tool since the beginning. Each time I sell an investment property and re-invest my money into another investment property I would be giving 25% of my profit to the government. That leaves me with less money to reinvest.

By using the 1031 exchange I have 25% more money to invest. This allows me to buy a bigger property or borrow less from the bank.I started with small properties and worked my way up. My last trade was a shopping center for 2 motels and I saved over one hundred thousand in taxes on this one trade alone. The Exchange Connection handled all of the details and helped me sort out the complicated issues surrounding these multi asset exchanges.

Given the complexity of my transactions and the amount of money at stake I demand efficient and competent people on my team. With The Exchange Connection, thatís what I get. Their rates are reasonable, their knowledge and service are superior. I don't hesitate to recommend them."

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Client William Harnecker and his wife, Kathryn, pose in front of their Seattle business, acquired through a Section 1031 Exchange with the help of The Exchange Connection.

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